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Our light fixtures, window treatments, furniture, rugs, installers, seamstresses, upholsterers, and subcontractors make us a convenient one stop source!  

Fifteen ways we're unique - which benefits you!

See your home from a new perspective!  "The rooms we never used are now spaces we love! Our children are excited to have friends over and my husband and I are as well." "She not only creates a beautiful space, but she maximizes functionality." Another review states: "Deborah is an excellent communicator up front on her pricing and details that make the process run smoothly." 

A different level of Design: "She opened our eyes to unique items that were not a basic furniture store look'", "she complimented my current design,  instead of having to start from scratch". "I was leery of hiring a designer due to an experience I had previously with a firm, Deborah is different, she is talented, highly experienced and has an amazing eye."

We make your home a reflection of YOU!  "it's like she read my mind",  "intuitive", "she provided clever solutions that look fantastic and saved us thousands of dollars.", "I can't believe what a difference one consultation made", "Before hiring Deborah, we made a few mistakes purchasing online and at local stores. We couldn't get size, scale or comfort right. Deborah made the process much easier!" "it now looks like a home, warm & inviting!"

Much easier than online ordering!   Why wait for one delivery at a time?.... worrying about whether pieces will be comfortable, functional, or the correct size and scale or the right color tone once it's in your home. Other Designers (and many furniture stores) have you order - from photos, catalogs & small sample swatches. Instead, we curate the correct size and scale, comfort, style, durability and prices based on your budget. We explain content and durability, so you can make informed choices. 

Which Design Firm?  From the Home page, visit 'Which Design Firm.'  See BEFORE and AFTER photos, when clients asked us to fix what other designers had sold them, (when homeowners felt the prior designer did not understand their taste or needs). Note: Before and After are availabe on laptops and ipads, Not on phones. A Google review states:  "The first designer we had hired (from a different design firm) said our brand-new kitchen set was “wrong” for our room. Deborah said it was actually perfect in shape and size, we just needed cheerful fabric on the chairs, it now looks amazing!"  "We had a garage full of the wrong size and scale furniture, which we ordered from a MAJOR furniture store, I wish we had started with Deboorah, she has a gift for selecting the right size, scale, and comfort." 

Remodeling and Budgeting tips:  "Deborah saved us many thousands of dollars that we would've spent on change orders. She is able to visualize the end result in the early stages". "She had worked her magic on our prior home, so we hired her again for our new home. We were just as pleased this time. Once again, she provided functional solutions!"                              

Room Transformations! A Google Review: "I always enjoy my rooms so much more after Deborah’s transformations!" See options of furniture, rugs, light fixtures, art & more, in your actual rooms! View size & scale, quality, and how new items coordinate with your existing pieces. Or, if guided shopping days are your preference, that can be scheduled.   

Gain from Experience: While many design firms delegate your needs to inexperienced assistants or interns, I personally am present at every design appt. and in curating your needs. When you compare sources online, notice many firms use "sponsored" or "ad".  We do not advertise. As one homeowner stated "goes above and beyond the duties of a designer and we feel lucky that our friends referred her". Thirty years of experience in new remodeling, and home makeovers benefits you. 

Design Expertise:  We have extensive training and education in all aspects of design. Reviews from several clients : "We thought we needed substantial expensive remodeling, Deborah provided clever solutions that look fantastic and saved us thousands of dollars".  "She took the time to show us how to accentuate the positive, while minimizing the negative, which was no small feat". "After interviewing several other designers, Deborah was clearly the best choice."

Avoid costly mistakes: Per Reviews: "A consultation with Deborah saved us thousands in repainting and refinishing costs"  "We thought we needed extensive remodeling, Deborah provided clever solutions that look fantastic and saved us thousands of dollars." "she's able to visualize the end result in the early stages." 

A comfortable colaboration: Working with a designer should be a comfortable collaboration, instead of a forced commitment. Many firms require a large payment for design services up front, before they're willing to curate any home decor. As our customers posted online, "no pressure", "makes the process enjoyable... just as it should be." "listened well to my likes and dislikes." "willing to work with us in stages." 

We work with a variety of budgets. You'll notice some design websites are limited to a select homes or two, one with a very large budget. We're proud to show over 50 before & after transformations in which clients had a limited budget, or wanted to keep sentimental or comfortable items. 

No waiting 8 hours for deliveries!  Why wait all day for each delivery?...  all the while concerned about whether you'll like it once it arrives! We know your time is valuable, so we make an appointment. See reviews which comment about savings in both time and money, "We are beyond thrilled."                        

One stop source. From measuring to curating to installation, we are a one stop source! No more calling numerus sources such as contractors, seamstresses, upholsterers, or installers! A review states: "she followed up with subcontractors, to avoid construction delays and change orders". 

We adapt to your life style. Whether you prefer family friendly, contemporary, transitional, eclectic, or your own special style, we can adapt. Don't settle for a designer that's locked their own syle. An intuitive designer will make your home a reflection of YOU! How can you tell? View the wide variety of styles and budgets in our portfolio!

Common Questions: 

How do I proceed? We're happy to do as much or as little as you need. Per A Google Review: "I can't believe what a difference one consultation made".  Call or email us now, to find out how we can help you love your home! 

What are our fees and prices? For design consultations, such as to select tile, granite, or house specific needs, call us today. Once we know your goals and timing requirements, we can provide a quote.  - OR - for window treatments, furnishings, original art, lighting & other items, we provide written price quotes.   

Am I required to allow photography? We ask for your permission in writing to learn your preferences regarding photographs. In addition, we never list a homeowner's address. 

How do I proceed? Call us today, we'd be happy to chat about your goals. 336-209-3087 OR, contact us here

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We'd love to help you LOVE your home! 

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Deborah Welch in Greensboro, NC on Houzz
Deborah Welch in Greensboro, NC on Houzz
Deborah Welch in Greensboro, NC on Houzz
Deborah Welch in Greensboro, NC on Houzz



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